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A warning to our valued customers
We urge you to use an authorized dealer when purchasing a Audio component.

Stereo and Home theater audio components are sold worldwide, through a network of “authorized dealers”. This authorized network consists of companies with physical storefronts, chosen by manufacturers, based on the ability to properly represent and sell the products and support you, “our valued customer”.

Manufacturer's provides a warranty on all components sold by the companies participating in the authorized network. When parties “outside” of the network of authorized dealers and distributors sells products, manufacturers will not honor warranties on those products. Removal or alteration of the original serial number automatically renders the component warranty null and void. Manufactures, distributers or dealers does not offer voltages modifications for international markets.

Take into account that an authorized dealer delivers the customers, expert advice, unrivalled product selection, demonstration facilities and excellent pre-, during and after-sales service and a lower price might not look like such good value.

Thank you.





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